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Click <—-HERE to go back to the main gallery. When people think of drain covers they immediately think of unsightly metal manhole covers that they see in the street. However with our drain and manhole covers we expertly blend them into your driveway or new paving. The correct drainage is essential for your property so that puddles are avoided so we strive to install the correct drainage facility in each job. RG Contractors are the drainage specialists for patios and driveways in the Solihull area, having completed a variety of drainage solutions for our clients over the years. We have installed storm drains to soakaways and paved manholes in many different designs from limestone to brickweave. We blend in drain covers into your patio using recessed lids. We know how surface water around a patio area can not only look unpleasant but can also damage the patio itself so a well planned patio has to include proper drainage to enable surface water control. We will install correct patio drainage and driveway drainage so that you do not experience these problems. Our drains are blended into your patio or driveway so well that it is hard to actually see where they are, as our gallery of pictures shows below.

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