Make the Most out of Your Small Garden

People often tend to have trouble making the most out of their gardens when they have spatial restrictions. You may not be able to expand the space in your garden but you can be clever and find ways of making the most of the space you do have.

Below are some ideas as to how you can maximise the space in your garden, so you can enjoy the outdoors no matter the size of your garden.

  1. Benches

Don’t think that just because your garden isn’t the biggest you can’t throw a party or entertain your view4bfriends. Built-in benches is a great way of creating more space and enables you to accommodate more people, it offers plenty of comfortable seating. They also have a tidier, smarter appearance than several freestanding seats.

Built-in benches can be as modest or as decorative as you like. Materials range from wood to synthetics to stone, whatever fits in best with your style. They don’t have to be straight benches either, you could always opt for a curved built-in bench if you think it will would look better. It could also create the illusion of having a bigger garden than it actually is.

  1. Folding Furniture

garden-folding-chairIf you don’t want to clutter up your neat garden with chairs that don’t get used the majority of the time, consider folding furniture. With compact teak folding chairs you get comfort, style and the flexibility to set up chairs whenever and wherever you need them.

You won’t have to choose between a recliner and a dining chair if you have a reclining armchair with removable footrest. With a flick of the wrist you can convert it from a relaxing lounger to an upright dining chair. Both the chair and the footrest fold flat for storage when you don’t need them.

  1. Vertical Gardens

You might find yourself running out of space for new garden beds, if you have it’s time to consider vertical gardening.  Vertical gardening comprises such things as hanging planters alongside a fence to growing a wall garden. Vertical gardens provide you more growing space and make your garden look bigger. Not to mention, their characteristic style gives the senses a dynamic experience of bounty and excitement.

4        VerticalGarden09

  1. Accessories

If you are smart about what accessories to choose and where you put them, it can create optical illusions that will make your garden look bigger, more interesting, and more spacious.

Repetition is a tip that you can use because it plays tricks on the human eye. A consistent colour scheme, similar bright or light containers or statuary, and repeated plant forms contribute a sense of unity to the garden.

For instance, if you paint your fence a dark colour it will seem to blend into the landscape, giving the illusion that your garden has no limits.


Having a mirror can also make your garden look larger, it is a same principle as if you have a mirror in your home. Your garden mirror can run the length of your fence or take up a small section of your shed wall. Either way, it will reflect the plants in front of it, making it look like you have twice as much greenery.

  1. Container Plantings

It is common for people to assume that if you have small gardens or need small flowers, however, large plants that Flower-boxes-and-pots-to-save-space-in-your-small-garden-by-housetohomeoverflow in the containers evoke a sense of abundance and spaciousness that contradict the actual size of the garden.

Rectangular trough-like containers offer horizontal accents that can make a space look longer or wider than a traditional round plant container. They’re also an ideal fit for narrow surfaces like windowsills and deck railings. Old boots, coffee cans, and packing crates also make fun containers for your plants.

Contemplate layering your container plants. Layering adds depth, perspective, and complexity to a garden. With your eye moving from short plants in the front of the display to shrubs in the middle and trees and hedges behind, the garden appears to go on forever into the distance, like a forest.

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